For the Love of Sushi III – Umi Sushi

Last weekend I went on another sushi date with my best friend. Finally!

I was too late to make reservations at a place we really wanted to try out, so we went to Umi Sushi instead. It is comparable to Zao Wang: you can order boats of Sushi to share. There is also a great variety of other dishes which I want to try out someday…


We ordered a boat so we could taste different rolls, but it wasn’t as varied as we expected. Everything tasted really good, though and the dragon eyes were to die for! Really, if you ever come here, definitely order some of those! The thought of them alone makes my mouth water. I also had a glass of plum wine (first time ever) and I loved it! Everyone who knows me, knows I have a sweet tooth. Which brings me to the beginning of our sushi date (I know, weird order xD).

We started our outing with some shopping first, and then we had some donuts as dessert! No one said you can’t have dessert before dinner 😉 These delicious treats were bought at Donuttello, a cute little shop hidden in a small street. They have all sorts of flavours, but I went with the Cherry one (it had yummy little marshmallows on top of it). My friend had the banana flavoured one. We were satisfied, and ready for our date night!


On to the next one!


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