Shrimp Cocktail

Impress with this easy recipe!

Impress with this easy recipe!

This is a recipe with a twist on a classic appetizer. Sometimes people serve this as an entrée. The apples give the cocktail some freshness and a fun variety of textures. Yummy is the word!

Shrimp Cocktail

You’ll need:

– 200 gr of shrimps (peeled)
– 75 gr of smoked salmon
– 1/4 apple
– Cocktail Sauce
– Parsley
– Salt & Pepper

This recipe supposedly serves 4 (we had a bit more because we served it in tiny glasses)

This’ll be over before you know it!

Cut the salmon into small strips, and do the same with the apple. Mix together with the shrimps and add cocktail sauce, salt and pepper to your own taste!
Serve with some parsley on top of it and tadaaaa! We’re done 😀

I hope you’ll enjoy this easy appetizer. Stalk me on instagram for a sneak peak of tomorrow’s recipe!



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