A bedroom for Valentine’s

No real Valentine’s date for us! We always celebrate the Birthday of Niko’s dad on the 14th.

But this year is kind of special. We only just finished painting our bedroom and last week Niko moved our bed and hung up a lamp. We stayed at my mom’s the entire week so he had enough time to finish his work in our new room. I had been looking forward to just sleeping there, even though the room wouldn’t have any other furniture.

On Friday I came home and was really excited. I wanted to see what the room looked like with the bed in it and was very surprised to find that there were pieces of furniture (unassembled) lying all across the room. One of those pieces of furniture was my vanity table. My early Valentine’s present. Niko had expected it to arrive later, since he had only ordered it the day before. But I was ecstatic nonetheless.

I happily started assembling the nightstands and the dresser (both from IKEA), while Niko handled the Vanity table. We went to sleep exhausted, but satisfied (I even had a little “celebration” balloon). Because our bedroom felt a little bit more like home already.

Niko also bought a mat and some small decorations.

And a little personal touch was added with the small canvas of Rapunzel and Tinkerbell I had bought in Disneyland.

I’m realy happy with how our bedroom turned out for the time being. Note that the bed is only a temporary one. We are going to move my bed at my mom’s house once we’re married (I still need it for the night before the wedding 😉 ). And we also don’t have a closet yet. We’re still saving for a big one! There are no pictures of us yet because we’re also waiting for that till after the wedding.

What do you think? It’s not great yet, but I’m really proud of it.


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