Back to Work

So I’m halfway my second week back to work.
And I have to tell you, I’m still getting used to it.
There’s just something about suddenly having all that free time snatched away from you that leaves you sort of empty inside.

I was really nervous to get back to work. I started working there in March and being away for two weeks just takes away a lot of hard work you put in there to show them you really have what it takes…

Work after vacation

I honestly feared I had forgotten my login password for work. Ha! What a great start would that have been! Luckily I remembered it though.. And everything else as well. ^_^

Not done yet...

Not being used to working those loooong hours anymore, the amount of work can feel a tiny bit overwhelming… Even though it’s actually quiet during the summer, there’s always more and more to be done.


It hasn’t been two weeks yet and I can’t even remember what it felt like being on vacation and having lots of time for ourselves.. I’m seriously planning on doing some fun stuff during the weekends though… Would be a shame to miss out on Summer!


Adventure is out there and we’ll sure find it somehow! Even though we have to work most of our day, there’s still the little things to enjoy everyday.
Let’s enjoy the fact that Summer’s here. Let’s drink cocktails. Hang out with our friends. Play tourist in our own country/city. Laugh. Live. Love.

I can do this

I wish you guys a great weekend! And a wonderful Summer!


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