Broken things

Yesterday I had some pretty bad luck. I’m kind of jumpy when it comes to my phone these days seeing as any moment someone could call me for a job interview. So yesterday my phone rang when I was on my way. Trying to find my phone and picking it up as soon as possible while walking turned out into me dropping my phone on the ground. It fell face down, but having dropped it like that a couple of times before without a scratch I thought it would be nothing… Those things are pretty strong! But when I picked up my phone, the screen was entirely shattered. The screen protector luckily kept all the pieces in place and the phone still worked so I could return the phone call as soon as possible. I’m lucky to have a boyfriend who’s great with iPhones… Having bought a new screen, he fixed my phone today and now it’s as good as new. Of course, while my phone was down for repair, I got like 6 phone calls… Which I will have to deal with tomorrow, but at least everything’s good now!


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