Decorating for Valentine’s

So this didn’t turn out to be as much of a DIY project as I wanted… But I’m going to show you guys anyways. Somewhere in November we finished our living room (half of it that is) and we started buying some stuff to decorate our little cozy corner with. We decorated it for the winter, keeping Christmas in mind. Now that it’s almost Valentine’s Day, Christmas is long gone and I wanted to change the decorations up a bit. Some things stayed, others were replaced.

Our mantlepiece:

The twigs with cute lil’ lights that I kept on the mantlepiece for now are actually my mother in law’s. She has an enormous amount of decorations stored in the attic so she let us borrow it (read: she put it there herself as a suggestion and I actually liked it).
The sparkly reindeer buste is surprisingly something that Niko wanted. He wanted an owl at first (which apparently he was obsessed about as a kid), but I found his choices a bit well ehm… horrible (there’s no other way I can put it xD). Don’t get me wrong, I love owls, just not the ones he showed me. So as a consolation he chose this reindeer! I found it a bit too winterish for Valentine’s though, so I replaced it by some pretty red roses (the vase is my mother in law’s as well).
In the middle of the mantlepiece I put some candles. I love candlelight. And we love gold. So we just went for that. As you can see I ditched one of them and moved the other to the right to make place for my very own creation (impressive I know… *coughs*). I bought the XOXO letters in a hobby shop where they sell lots of stuff for birthdays, weddings and babyshowers. And painted them red and gold. Red for the kisses (red lips) and gold for the hugs because we just really love gold and it fits perfectly into our interior + matches the red perfectly well… I could go on for a while.
We removed our mini-orchid which didn’t last us long (it wilted within 2 weeks probably due to heat or overwatering, because we never know who is supposed to water the plants…).
And last but not least, this clock. We love it. It’ll probably stay there for a very long time.

Coffee table:

I found this cute tray and just had to have it. As you can see, the bottom is a mirror that really adds a lot of dimension to the things you put in there. Like the red candle holders. They are Christmas’ee but also perfect for Valentine’s so I kept them. And I am not ready to say goodbye to these cute lil’ plants either. They used to be all gold and red, but the plant outgrew the paint and I kind of love the imperfection of that… Instead of the silver wire balls to fill up the empty space, I put in heart shaped chocolate candies. They taste delicious by the way. Ugh now I have to put in some more…

These are the main parts that have been decorated. I like to keep it simple yet fun. Clean, but colourful.

I hope you liked this post and that it maybe inspired you a bit. I know it isn’t really the DIY post I promised. Although I did paint the XOXO letters, I didn’t make them myself and therefore a step-to-step guide isn’t exactly needed. But I liked doing it, and I loved sharing it with you.

See you tomorrow!


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