January Round-up

I survived my first month of blogging. Yay! This is the longest I have ever blogged on a regular basis. So on that score it’s kind of been a great month for me. Although it didn’t all go the way I had planned it. At first I didn’t want to blog daily, but then I started to share recipes every day of the week (except for Sunday) and I liked it so much, I wanted to keep to that amount of posts.
But I also got the flu, and after two weeks of being ill I had a serious case of the winter blues, during which time I sort of neglected my blog.
I’m back now though, and hope it’ll stay this way.

January, for me, was a rather dull month. When it’s cold, I usually don’t want to go outside. Which tends to result into an enourmous amount of boredom or gaming. And gaming is not something I will blog about, as I said in one of my weekly updates. After the Christmas holidays it always gets a bit boring for a while… BUT we’re getting married this year, so there’s plenty to plan and to do!

Things I’m happy about:
– Starting my blog and posting on a regular basis
– Eating healthier
– Drinking more water
– Watching “The Walking Dead” with my mom (even though it’s not really my “thing”)
– Buying wedding shoes!   :mrgreen:
– Deciding on wedding rings and musicians (fo the ceremony)

My hopes for February are:
– To be even healthier and start to exercise a bit more
– To finally write a DIY post – I’ve wanted to do so for a while but I just didn’t get to it.
– To go out more – I want to explore a bit, work on my photography skills, enjoy the outdoors,…
– To keep blogging daily (except on Sundays)
– To finish “A Game of Thrones”

I’m sure there’s a lot more things that I can’t think of right now…

In any case: January was fine, let’s make February even better!

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