Just Married

Hi guys!
I’m back again.
To give you an update on our life: We just got married! The 13th of June, that is. But it feels like yesterday.
We had a wonderful day surrounded by our loved ones but everything flew by so fast and before we knew it the day was over… There’s a lot of things I can’t even remember… Thank goodness for the pictures!
I’ll post some more details about our day by and by, but as for now we’re still waiting for the photos and video. And what would a post be without pictures in it?

A preview we got from our pictures... ^_^

A preview our photographers gave… ^_^

Our honeymoon was in Mexico where we enjoyed having some quality time with each other. We spent 10 days there, relaxing in the sun (or shade…), swimming, eating fabulous dinners, visiting some mayan ruins and even exploring an eco-archaeological park. It was perfect. But all good things come to an end, and it’s time for us to go back to reality, back to work.

BUT the good news is: I’ve got more time to blog now! So there’ll be more to read from here on.

Looking forward to the next post!


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