May Recap

Hi Guys!

May turned out to be an even more uneventful month than April.
The weather slowly turned back to being winter-like most of the time and my mood went down with it. Hence the extreme lack of posts.

We celebrated Vince’s 3d birthday (Niko’s little nephew), had our annual meeting with Niko’s cousins and that’s about it.
I was really excited to finally receive my water infuser bottles in the mail. Yay!
I’m still experimenting with these, so far I’ve tried lemon, orange (not a fan) and mint. I’ve started drinking lots of water this month (which is a miracle for me) and am hoping to improve my lifestyle more the coming weeks…

We haven’t got anything special planned for June, so we’ll just go with the flow and see where next month brings us…
I’m just so done with this Winter-like Spring and ready for it to be Summer already! What about you guys?



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