Failure < Determination


I’ve been applying for jobs lately to find an internship and there is just a lot of failure involved. Somehow being rejected can cause you to feel like you’re less than others, to a degree where you ask yourself if it’s still worth all the effort. And “NO” isn’t the worst rejection you can get. The worst is when you’re not even worth the time to give an anwser to.

People tell us to not give up, but it’s really hard to stay motivated. There’s almost always a better or more suitable person for the job than you. Almost. And sometimes, it just depends on timing. Someone else got there before you.

The thing is, that someone else is just like you. Afraid to fail again, to be rejected. But eventually you’ll get lucky like them, because it’s the right time. And because you didn’t give up. So don’t ever give up, because you’ll miss out on some great opportunities. If you stop trying, you will never succeed.


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