It’s Throwback Thursday! And I’m taking a look back at the first time I went to Poland with Niko in 2012.
We’ve changed so much… I can’t believe how long my hair was back then 😮
Anyway, my grandparents live in Poland and I’ve been visiting every year in summer ever since I was born. I love it there. Contrary to the beliefs of many people, it is NOT cold in Poland. Well, it is during wintertime. Freezing cold. But the summers are basically the same as in Belgium.
Here are some pictures to show you the diversity and beauty of Poland in summer.


Crossing lakes and enjoying nature

Visiting Malbork, a medieval castle

Gdynia, by the sea

Not really sure how to pose…

A statue by Neptune’s Fountain in Gdansk

Green Gate in Gdansk

A nice stroll with a friend in the village

Acting silly at the Centre of Education and Regional Promotion in Szymbark

Pretty fountain in Szymbark

Ruins almost swallowed by the sea




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