Start to Run

I have never really been confident. I’ve always had low self esteem, and since my pregnancy it’s worse than ever. That person I see in the mirror, I don’t even recognize her. For years I’ve felt sort of uncomfortable in my own skin. During my pregnancy however, I didn’t feel bad at all about gaining weight, just nervous. I was constantly wondering how I would look and feel afterwards and how I was going to get back in shape.
Looking forward to exercising (who thought I would ever say that?) since day 1, I was pretty bummed out to hear I had to wait 6 weeks. Truth be told, I really needed those first weeks to recover. But I’ve been feeling really down ever since we left the hospital. After 4 weeks I had enough of it… I promised myself to start running again. Next week.


I started really slowly (1.80 km in 18 minutes), just to see how it would work out, and will build up from there till I hit 5km. That’s my goal. I did it once, a few years ago, so I know I can do it again! I’m tracking my progress with the Runtastic app . That way I’m more certain I won’t let myself down and skip sessions or stop… And, even though I just started, I feel better already! I know I’ve got a long way to go, but I’m headed towards something better.

Our Summer isn’t exactly going as we had hoped and planned. But we’re slowly finding our way through the many difficulties of parenting, and are falling into some kind of daily routine, so that’s good!
And even though we are exhausted (seriously, our blood pressure is kind of suffering from it…) we are loving every minute of it. Except for the minutes where I’m wide awake at night while I should be asleep… Insomnia is kicking my butt!

Better days are coming!


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