Sunday Ramblings

Hello guys, no your eyes aren’t deceiving you, I am posting on a Sunday. I’ve been away for 2 days and felt a bit obligated to post something to break the silence. My boyfriend decided to surprise me and bought some furniture for our bedroom. Knowing that I love to put together pieces of furniture (“IKEA-style” with manuals of course), he put out all the necessaries on the floor waiting for me to come home.
Friday night and Saturday afternoon I’ve been happily assembling our nightstands and so on, and that’s why I didn’t put up a post. I will share a detailed post about it in the future, but what I really wanted to tell you:

There’s been some trouble with my comment section below. Apparently people haven’t been able to share their thoughts with me through the comments due to some bug. We’ve changed the system to the older one, and are still working on ways to improve it. We have no idea what happened, since the comments do work on Niko’s blog and he had the same settings…
Maybe you can give us some ideas to make that section more “interesting” or user-friendly.
Thanks in advance for your help. See you tomorrow with my weekly update!

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