The Juicy Shaker

I’m not really the fashion and beauty blogging type, but I simply had to share this with you guys.

I don’t wear a lot of make-up and usually keep things simple. Just a bit of eyeliner here, some mascara there and some lipgloss or lipstick (when I’m feeling bolder…).
A few days ago I started seeing these ads on instagram by Lancôme, for their Juicy Shaker line. It intrigued me so much, that I had to try them out.

Juicy Shaker 1

Last Wednesday I went to the store and got myself not only one, but two shades of their pigment infused lip oil.
I got the Apri-Cute (which was the one I originally wanted to buy) and the Mangoes Wild, because I simply couldn’t choose.

Juicy Shaker 2

To apply you just have to shake the bottle, and dap the sponge on your lips. You can add a few layers to get a darker result.
First of all, the oil feels really silky on your lips. It’s not sticky at all, like lipgloss tends to be.
Secondly, the colours are pretty yet subtle. I can certainly use them on a daily basis, meaning it’s not too bold for me to wear when I’m going to work. Not that I can’t wear lipstick to work..

The only negative thing I’ve got to say about this product is that it doesn’t stay on for a long time. Drink or eat anything and it wipes it off entirely. I’m not really the type of girl that regularly fixes her make-up, so that’s kind of a bummer for me. But it leaves your lips feeling softer than before applying it. So it does what it has to.

Despite this I still love the Juicy Shaker, and definitely recommend it to anyone who doesn’t mind reapplying it frequently.


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