Week 1

Weekly Update

Hi guys! I present to you: my first weekly update.
I’ve decided to challenge myself this year and do “Project 365”. My goal is to take a picture of me, things I’m doing or other stuff… every day. Up till now I managed to take more than one daily, but that’s going to change soon enough now the holidays are over.
I’ll be posting a short summary of these pics weekly. Just to keep you guys up to date.
So here’s my first week:

Christmas 02 03 04

After spending New Year’s Eve at my mom’s, we had a rather quiet day. I started on my blog, we had some family over and stuffed ourselves again with delicious food (of course…) and that’s that really…
One of the “resolutions” we’ve made this year is to start eating healthier. We’re not giving up fast food entirely though! But we’re going to try our best to eat less of it. And drink more water. Definitely.
I’m not a great chef, because I don’t cook much… But I’ve promised myself to try some new things out and improve my skills. Because I really love it when I make something good.
Something else we’re working on is the place we call home. We’re currently painting the bedroom and are actually making it all up as we go. I’ve got an idea of what I want it to look like… But it remains a question whether it’s going to work out just fine (the colour is a bit darker in the pic than it’s supposed to be).
And as my last picture, another collage, just because it’s the end of the holidays. We spend our last day gaming, watching Doctor Who and reading. We also went to see “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” and I really think I need to read the book now… I’m actually ashamed I haven’t already! But it’s definitely on my “to-read-list”.

Anyway.. I hope you all had a great time during the holidays! In my opinion it’s over way to soon. But I’m gonna try to stay positive!
See ya!

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