Week 10

It’s been 10 weeks since I first started blogging. I haven’t always been very consistent, and I still haven’t found the right frequency to post in, but I’m super proud of the fact that I’m still holding on.
After another week of job interviews and studying we once again had a fun weekend.

This time Saturday was our home-time. We did go grocery shopping and took the time to make ourselves a delicious dinner (including the Mug Cakes as dessert).
Sunday morning we went to the gym (my muscles still ache…) and in the afternoon we went to the local park for another photoshoot my best friend Danika had to do for school. We took Chloe with us so she could enjoy the beautiful weather as well. After that we visited some friends (the ones with the puppy I mentioned in last week’s post) and went ta a tapas restaurant for dinner with them. That was a really nice conclusion to our week.

I hope you’ve had some pretty good weather as well this weekend!


Have you seen these yet?

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