Week 2

Weekly Update

Two weeks have passed us by so quickly and we’re almost halfway January, yikes!
There’s one thing I regret not doing last week and that’s reading. I haven’t read a single word! I hardly can believe it… I really wanted to, but I always found myself so tired that I went to bed earlier… 🙁

It’s only the second week and I’ve already failed my little project 365… It’s been a really busy weekend (that really shouldn’t be an excuse). But in my defense, I’m still getting used to taking pictures everyday, even when there’s nothing interesting to show. So my summary of this week is a bit of a weak one, as I haven’t taken pics daily apart from my soups. Which I will avoid doing in the future. If you want to see more photos of this week be sure to check me out on instagram!

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As you’ll have noticed this week was all about soups for me. I posted 5 recipes on my blog, which I hope you all liked. My favorite by far was the mushroom soup. It was a really cold week (for me at least 😉 ) and I thought these would make a perfect dinner.

I really enjoyed posting everyday. I don’t know if I will be able to keep to that pace in the future.
I don’t know if I’ll post daily recipes this week. I’m not feeling too well (I blame the cold weather!) at the moment and hope it’s just a cold and I’ll get better soon so I can get back to happily planning out my blog posts.

As I said, I had a really busy weekend. On Saturday we went to Antwerp to pick a new outfit for Niko to wear at the annual family gathering that same evening. Each year his (huge) family gets together to celebrate the New Year. We spent 7 hours “celebrating”. Which includes the reception where everyone gives their best wishes to one another, dinner, and hours of chatting. Dinner consisted of soup (yay after a whole week of it xD), a typical Belgian stew with french fries, a variety of desserts, and later on an assortment of cheeses. It was delicious and I really enjoyed myself.
On Sunday we went to a wedding fair. Just to pick up some last ideas for our wedding in June, and to look for rings. I always tend to come home slightly confused after fairs like that. I just love everything, or ALMOST everything.
In the afternoon we celebrated the birthday of Niko’s aunt and cousin. And before we knew it the day was over…

How was your weekend?


Have you seen these yet?

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