Week 6

It’s been a tough week! Niko’s early shift really puts us into “zombie-mode”. What can I say, we like to stay up late… We stayed at my mom’s this week so Niko could move our bed to our new room. And I was really surprised to find that he had also bought some furniture (post coming up soon…) to make the room a bit cozier. You can see some of it on my instagram. I was already excited to sleep in our new (warmer) room, and not having to climb an extra set of stairs to go to sleep, but now it feels even more like “home”. It’s still not finished though, but I love it already!

On Saturday we went to order our rings (no spoilers yet…). It was a quick visit to the shop, since we’d already made our choice on the fair a month ago. In the afternoon I finished assembling the new furniture, and after that we got ourselves ready for dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Antwerp (post of that coming soon too), and of course you can see the delicious dishes I ate there on my instagram as well 😉 .

Sunday was for relaxing of course, I enjoyed myself with some DIY-ing for Valentine’s day, which I will post about this week, and later on we watched some Gossip Girl and The Strain. The latter is a new series (it premiered yesterday on Belgian television) which we are still curious about… Have you seen it?

This week is going to be all about Valentine’s Day. I’m not going to overdo it, since we sort of already celebrated Valentine’s on Saturday. But I will be putting up my very first DIY post, so that’s something to look forward to, I think.

How was your weekend?


Have you seen these yet?

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