Week 7

It’s been 7 weeks already? Wow! I’m actually sort of proud of myself.

Last week sort of passed by in a blur. I really can’t remember anything, other than the fact that I felt really really tired. Do you ever get that feeling when you get home, that you just don’t want to do anything but sleep? That was me last week. I didn’t get much sleep though, since Niko had the late shift and he only gets home around 9.30 pm. I watched a lot of tv with my mom, which for me is a pointless passtime because I never keep track of the programs I like.

I do remember, however, decorating for Valentine’s and blogging of course. Also going to the Doctor’s for a general check-up, meh.
On Saturday we went to the mall for about 5 minutes to pick a present for Niko’s dad. And in the evening we celebrated his birthday with the family. Sometimes it’s nice to just be together and share a meal. And laugh with the toddler.
On Sunday we kind of had a lazy day, to just relax and enjoy some quality time. That was Valentine’s for us actually!

I hope that this week will be a bit more exciting (we have something fun planned on Sunday!).

What did you do on Valentine’s Day?


Have you seen these yet?

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