Week 8

Well hello there! I know this post was supposed to be up like yesterday… And that I also missed 2 posts last week. The flu caught me by surprise again and with everything that’s been going on lately, it was just too much.
Last week was just a typical winter week of getting up, going to work (or in my case: following a course), coming home, eating dinner and being way too tired to do anything else but to hang in front of the tv and watch pointless stuff. Like, when did I start watching the news? It’s just downright depressing.
I did enjoy my mornings more than usual. I made an effort to come up with some delicious breakfast recipes including oats. Here’s the list:

– Banana Oatmeal
– Oatmeal Cookies with Cranberries
– Peanut Butter Smoothie

And I still owe you one recipe, which I will post tomorrow. Pinky promise!

Chloé watching me eat breakfast Niko whenever he's cooking... I just think it's funny xD Enjoying a breakfast smoothie The breakfast I owe you!

By Thursday I started to feel feverish and sick so resting sort of became a priority. I wanted to post a cocktail recipe on Saturday, but the cocktail we made tasted so bad (in our opinion at least) that I really didn’t want to share it with you guys. Not being able to come up with a last-minute idea (I didn’t want to venture outside just yet to buy extra ingredients), this idea became a complete failure.

On Sunday we went to an amusement park with friends. Although I didn’t feel up to it, we had bought the tickets a long time ago so it felt like an obligation. I had prepared an awesome packed lunch, which I wanted to share with you guys, and had written down blogpost ideas about the amusement park.

But we didn’t take any pictures. Once again: a complete failure. I’m still going to post a top 5 of the attractions, because we still had a great time, even though I don’t have any pictures to show 🙁 Stupid me…

Anyway. This week is going to be one filled with applying for jobs (read: internships that hopefully will turn into fulltime jobs). I hope at least that goes well. And I’m working on a new, hopefully awesome plan for my blog.


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