Week 9

Hi! I’m so excited that the weather is finally changing. It’s still winter, but today felt a bit like spring was on it’s way and I love that!
Last week was sort of boring up till the weekend. I spent most of my time looking for an internship and studying. But Saturday had a nice change for me in store.

So on Saturday we went to the gym for the first time. Well, the first time in a reaaaaaally long time at least. We received an invitation to try out one of their courses and immediately agreed that would be a great idea. We definitely need some more excercise in our lives. We went, we survived but blimey our muscles do ache!
After our trip to the gym we went home to quickly freshen up and change and swiftly went to a friend’s where I got a complete make-over (see the picture of me as some sort of improvised sea witch). This was all for a photoshoot. My best friend is studying photography and had to picture someone using their talent. We had lots of fun doing that!
After hastily wiping off all the paint and make-up and making myself look “normal” again, we took off so I could meet another one of my best friends for tea. Man, was I happy to finally be able to drink and eat something! Even though it was cake… Oops!
We also went grocery shopping for a nice, healthy dinner (we ate some delicious sushi as a starter). We clipped Chloé’s doggie nails… Which was a disaster. We clipped one nail too short, causing her to bleed, like, a lot… She was ok though. Entirely excited for a trip to friends of ours. Not minding the band-aid around her paw at all, we took off so we could meet our friends’ new puppy. They have a French Bulldog. She was sooooo cute! Chloé didn’t really like her though… But they had come to a mutual understanding: as long as they ignored each other everything was fine. She kept a watchful eye though! And the puppy carefully trodded as far from her as possible… But it was kind of cute and funny. And I think they might come to like each other somewhere in the future.

Then came lazy Sunday. We gamed, watched some series and enjoyed our last day of the weekend in peace.

How was your weekend?


Have you seen these yet?

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