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Be yourself

Whenever you feel unmotivated, down and even insecure,  you can always count on the internet to provide you with some motivational quotes. Just to give you a little push in the right direction, which of course is the one where you get up, go out and just do your thing.

People always care too much about what other people think, even worse: they want to be like those other people. But if we all thought alike and looked the same, life would be really boring and there would be nothing left to say to each other.
So basically what we need is an intervention.

Step one is admitting that being different is something amazing. And that everyone can be beautiful in his/her own way. Everyone has an interesting story to tell, and there will always be people who will hear you out and admire you. Of course let’s not forget those that might not find your story worth their time. That’s ok, keep thinking positive and look at your supporters.

Step two is actually believing that you have something to share with those around you. This is where I got stuck. When you hold yourself in, eager to please others, you forget to be you. You start reflecting them, the way they act, you become interested in the things they’re interested in. That’s not necesarily a bad thing, but we lose ourselves along the way until we don’t know ourselves anymore. We’ve become them. And when those people slowly fade from your life, you’re left with an empty feeling. Suddenly the new you is just not you anymore.
I’ve always wanted everyone to like me, not desperately though. If someone doesn’t like me I’ll wonder why, but I won’t spend my time trying to change something I can’t control.
I just like being around people and having fun. But often enough I find that those people don’t really know the real me. And suddenly people are judging you, based on things that aren’t even you.
Is this getting complicated?

Step three:  just start being yourself and you’ll find the people who really like you for who you are. People who will support you. Of course others will still judge you. Everyone has faults, and not everyone will be able to see past yours. But that’s their loss. Because there’s something beautiful about people who do what they love and pursue their dreams. Happiness can be shared. Happy people make you happy.

So go out, be yourself, do your thing and spread the happiness!


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