For the Love of Sushi I – Zao Wang

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I’m not a Sushi addict, but I do enjoy these rolls of deliciousness from time to time. During my pregnancy this was one of the foods I missed the most, so I made a deal with my best friend – a real Sushi lover – to explore Antwerp and it’s best Sushi places this Summer.


Last weekend we went on our first Sushi date to Zao Wang. We made a reservation around 5pm to make sure it wouldn’t be too crowded, and so we would have enough time to roam around the city afterwards. Roaming around didn’t really turn out that well, because it started raining, but we tried to make the best of it!

We ordered a boat for two, filled with the best Sushi I’ve ever had (thus far). I just love the variety and most of all the opportunity to try out new things. I mean, just look at those colours! They still fill my heart with joy 😉 I loved the rolls with popped rice in them, their crispy texture makes for a nice change.


It’s not a very big restaurant, so making a reservation or arriving very early will give you a bigger chance to get a spot. We did both, and as we were one of the first people to arrive we got a spot in the back. It has a greenhouse sort of feeling to it, and I loved it!


They did have a bit of trouble keeping the rain out (there were a few leaks, and a bucket was used at some point) but it wasn’t all that bad and didn’t bother us (those poor walls though… :P). I actually enjoyed listening to the sound of rain on the glass roof. Make sure to check out their website (it’s in Dutch though…) for the menu and more pictures.

We decided not to get dessert here, but to look for something a bit more Belgian… Waffles!
You can read more about them in my next post.

Counting down to our next Sushi date!!


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To the Birthdaydog

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|| 19th of July ||

Happy Birthday to the fluffiest member of our little family!
We have some treats in store for you today…
Sadly the weather will not allow us to go for a nice long walk, that’s why we went yesterday.

It’s a tradition to go walking or picknicking at Hof ter Saksen, so we couldn’t miss it this year.
We had lots of fun roaming around the gardens and were excited to experience it for the first time as a family of 4 (fluffy member included).
The place was very peaceful, with just a few people passing us by and some mysterious flute music coming from somewhere around the castle.


We enjoyed the smell of freshly cut grass, the quacking of sunbathing ducks and the serenity which surrounded this park. It is not extremely large, so we got around pretty quickly, but made a few stops to take in the surroundings. To watch the smooth surface of the dark pond water, the slight breeze brush through the leaves of the trees, and feel the warmth of the sun on our skin.

Hopefully we’ll get to enjoy a bunch more of these walks with you the next few years!
Lots of love and hugs,

Your loving humans.


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