For the Love of Sushi II – Sushi Shop

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Last Sunday I went on another Sushi date with my best friend.
I wanted to try something different so we went to the Sushi Shop in the Kammenstraat in Antwerp.


On Sunday most of the shops are closed, so it was really quiet. Making a reservation was not really needed at this time (we were the only ones there). We went around 1pm and ordered some rolls. I went with the summer vibe and ordered the ones with mango (DELICIOUS), pomegranate and papaya (limited summer edition). The Mango Tango roll was my favourite. It just adds a sweet and fresh touch, and as you all know, I am a lover of all things sweet… The Maki Tazuna roll was the one with pomegranate, this was also very good but to my taste had a little bit too much ginger in it. And last but not least: the Spicy Salmon & Papaya Spring Roll. I like papaya so I was a little bit disappointed not to find any inside. I mean, I didn’t dissect the rolls so maybe there was a tiny piece in there… But I didn’t see or taste any. The crunchy onion on top gave a really nice texture to the roll, so I wasn’t 100% bummed out about the missing papaya.


All in all I had a good experience here, and will definitely go back someday to try some of the other rolls. You can also order regular maki rolls with salmon or tuna etc. so if you’re not really adventurous when it comes to sushi, you’ll surely find something to your taste. This place is great for lunch, it also has lunch boxes ready for take-away. The shop closes at 3pm on Sundays, and reopens at 5pm. It took a while for our food to be brought to the table (even though we were the only ones there), so we barely finished in time. I definitely recommend coming earlier just to be sure. You can check out their website (Dutch or French) for the opening times and full menu.

On to the next sushi date!!


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July 2017 Recap

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Hi dearest readers!

Our baby boy is 8 weeks now!! He’s growing soooo much! <3

July has been a month of changing our lifestyle. With a baby on board now, changes were bound to be made. While we’ve gotten used to parenting in June, I was still looking for ways to be “me”. I love many things: books, films, series, games, traveling, meeting friends… But this new addition to our family takes up a lot of our time, so I needed to make some time for myself as well.


At first I have been reading a lot, because it was something I could do outside on a beautiful day and inside when it was raining… And because I could easily squeeze in at least one chapter before going to sleep. What started as a reading challenge of 1 book per month quickly changed into a reading frenzy. I became addicted again :p I’ve read 5 books so far (4 of which in July). And haven’t stopped yet!

After a while my body issues surfaced again, and I started running. I stopped for a week because I wasn’t feeling too good and waited for my check-up to see if everything was ok. Having gotten the green light, I’ve started again, only now I sometimes train on the elliptical when I’m home alone or when it’s raining… Because someone has to keep an eye on the baby 😉 As of this week I’m also going to throw in some BBG, so I’ll let you know how that’s going soon!

I was dying to get out more (it is Summer after all, isn’t it?) and had made a deal with my best friend to try some of the many Sushi places in Antwerp. You’ve already seen a post on that last week. A second Sushi date is coming soon, and I hope at least one more after that before I have to get back to work 🙁

Yes… Work. Unfortunately I’m already more than halfway through my maternity leave and it hurts even now to think of the day I’ll have to leave my baby behind to go back to normal everyday life. But as they say: all good things come to an end. I’ve still got some weeks to go, so I’m trying my very best not to think about that dreadful day yet. I hope I’ll get to do more fun stuff with Jamie in August, and that I can go back to work as a happy and confident mommy.

Fingers crossed!


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