DIY Dog Leash and Treat Holder

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Lately I have been wanting to change things up a bit in our home regarding interior decoration. Looking for ways to make it more our home, I searched Pinterest for some ideas and came across this fun and easy DIY Dog leash holder.


What you need:

– A wooden board (I used a 30cm one)
– Paint & paintbrushes
– A Mason jar
– Hangers (size depends on what you actually want to hang on them).
– Screws & screwdriver
– A ring to fasten the mason jar

The first step is to paint the board in whichever color you like. After letting the paint dry, you can paint a little paw like I did or your pet’s name (we kept it simple).


After that has dried as well, place the hangers and jar on the board to see where you want them to come. Mark the points where the screws will be with a pencil. Start screwin’!


Put the jar through the ring and fasten it as tight as you can.


Now you’re ready to hang it up the wall!

Ever since we hung her stuff on our wall, we’ve been going out for walks more often (to our doggie’s delight).
We’re also really happy with the weather these days! Chloé won’t be needing her winter coat anymore…

Hope you guys enjoyed this DIY. I really enjoyed making it, and thought it might be useful to some of our fellow dog owners, even though it wasn’t really a step-to-step guide.



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April Recap

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Hi Guys,
So as you may have noticed, April hasn’t been the most interesting month. It started off great, but then the weather turned bad again, and I got back into my winter blues. Our weekend in Bruges was definitely the highlight of this month, and does make up for the rest of it.


I did get a bit into the spring cleaning vibe, and already made plans for some little improvements in our interior decoration (I’m excited to finally give our home a more “finished” look!). There will be a DIY post on here next week for a Dog Leash and Treat Holder I made this weekend and I’m planning on doing some other DIY stuff for our bedroom.
Also, one of my friends gave birth to a cute baby boy this month and we visited them at their new home to celebrate. So all in all it wasn’t the worst month for someone who has a fulltime job 😉

I am going to give “Sweat with Kayla” another try this month so, keep your fingers crossed!
For more updates, you can always check my instragram.

How was your month?


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