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Hello my dearest readers,

It’s been a month now since our little bean was born and we’re still getting used to this new way of living.
Summer is finally here, and having looked forward to it so much, I’m a little bit disappointed.
I’ve been feeling a bit locked up the past few weeks. The first weeks were waaay to hot.
Needless to say, baby did not like that!
Then there’s this fear of going out in public for too long, in case he starts crying. So we’ve kept our walks short and so far only went to doctors’ appointments or grocery shopping.
In the mean time, I haven’t really done much inside either… I’ve watched some movies, continued watching Grey’s Anatomy and Poldark and I’ve been doing some reading.


I’ve created a Goodreads account to track my reading progress and look for books I’d like to read in the future. At the moment I’m reading Wizard’s First Rule from the The Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind and A Study in Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle (Love me some good old Sherlock Holmes!).
I really like that you can set a reading goal for yourself. Seeing as I’ve joined this late and have barely read a word this year, I set my goal for 2017 at 7 books. Though I enjoy reading very much, I love many other things and can’t always find the time to grab a book and read for a couple of hours on end. So a book per month (counting in June) should be a pretty realistic goal to reach for me…
If you’re also on Goodreads, you can find me here.


Alright, I’ll be off then!
Hope to entertain you with a more interesting post next time 😉


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Welcome Jamie

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Our world just got a lot more colourful.
On Monday the 5th of June we welcomed our little bundle of joy into the world. Jamie is now one week old and we couldn’t be more happy with how things have been going so far. He’s been eating and sleeping very well and doesn’t cry too much (yet).


I’m looking forward to being fully recovered, so we can enjoy our first Summer as a family of three to the fullest (also: I can’t wait to get back in shape.. I feel awful about the way my body looks right now, even though it basically just performed a miracle and created life).

IMG_0966 (1)

Look how cute he is!! <3

I will be back soon with another post, at this time we’re still getting used to our new lives as parents 😀


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