A little more than a week ago we went for a walk in the magical Hallerbos forest.
Hallerbos is a forest here in Belgium, covered with bluebells during Spring. I had never heard of this place before, until I read a newspaper article about it. Apparently the forest is something a lot of foreigners come to Belgium for during this period. Of course we had to check this out…


We took our dog Chloé for a walk there on a sunny Sunday afternoon. I’ve got to say, I was astonished by the amount of people there! We had to park our car quite far away, but didn’t really mind because the weather was just perfect for an extra long walk.
There were arrows with “Bluebells” on them to point all the tourists in the right direction. And sure enough, 10 minutes later we stood in a forest surrounded by Bluebells and a fair amount of other tourists!

You have to stay on the path, so we chose the more narrow ones because they were less crowded… We amused (and annoyed) ourselves by trying to take some pictures of Chloé on treestumps and such.. But she’s not exactly a model 😉

You could clearly see she was constantly thinking: I’m feeling uncomfortable, can I get off now? I just came here to sniff the grass…


Anyway, after two hours of walking, taking pictures and letting the magical vibe sink in, we returned to our car. We were very hungry by that time and were rather happy to discover an ice-cream truck had appeared close to our car. I had a delicious waffle and my hubby enjoyed some ice-cream, while Chloé was watching us enviously.

I feel very lucky to have been able to admire the forest in all it’s magical glory with our tiny family. Sometimes we just have to relax and enjoy the beauty nature has to offer…



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